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Precious Memories
Item No : E-2828
Issued : 1984
Retired : 1999

Praise The Lord Anyhow
Item No : E-9254
Issued : 1982
Retired : 1994

June - Rose, "Beautiful"
Item No : 101521
Issued : 2002
Series : Calendar Girls"June girl in the Calendar Girl figurine series depicts a girl holding a bouquet of roses and has a cart with her that is full as well. She is 4.0 inches tall."

September - Morning Glory, "Easily Contented"
Item No : 101525
Issued : 2002
Series : Calendar Girls"September Calendar Girl series figurine depicts a girl talking to a little bunny rabbit. This piece is 4.0 inches tall."
Your Love Is So Comforting
Item No : 104268
Issued : 2002
SuspendedYou Bring Me Out Of My Shell
Item No : 108546

Issue : 2003
Series : Sea Of Friendship
"This little mermaid figurine has a sandcastle and a snail in its shell. This is one of three pieces in the Sea Of Friendship Series."

Water I Do Without You?
Item No : 108547

Issue : 2003
Series : Sea Of FriendshipJune
Item No : 110043

Issue : 1988
Retired : 2002
Series : Calendar GirlsSeptember
Item No : 110086

Issue : 1988
Retired : 2002
Series : Calendar Girls
You're A Gem Of A Friend
Item No : 112882

Issue :
"Look!!! A sparkly new ring!!! Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend didn't have a friend like you."

You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
Item No : 114013
Issued : 2003
"A first for Precious Moments, this figurine features a girl holding a balloon that imitates shiny Mylar. What a unique way to show someone how much they light up your life. She stands 5.0 inches tall."

I Will Never Leaf You
Item No : 114958
Issued : 2005
"This little girl's faithful companion is always by her side. Let those you love know you have that same kind of loyalty by giving them this charming figurine. With a fun, new pattern on her shirt, this sweetheart pledges her unconditional faithfulness with a touch of harvest humor. This figurine is the perfect gift for that special someone you love."
Let's Sea Where This Friendship Takes Us
Item No : 115654

Issue : 2004
Series : Sea Of Friendship - Fourth Series
"This adorable mermaid is playing with a cute little seahorse. This figurine is part of the Sea Of Friendship series. Retired in 2005. "

"Stressed" Is "Desserts" Spelled Backwards
Item No : 120112
Issued : 2004
"Sometimes all you need to do is change the way you look at things. So turn your stress around and indulge in dessert instead. A humorous reminder to treat yourself well. This girl has taken a break from her stressful day to enjoy something a little sweeter, dessert! She sits approx. 3.5 inches."

I Am Me
Item No : 120118
Issued : 2004
"Express yourself. Whether you prefer casual of formal, or wear jewels with blue jeans, when you're happy with yourself it shows. This girl is expressing her true self, glitzy and glamorous! She has all her fancy jewelry on and is ready to go. This cutie stands approx. 3.5 inches tall."
Dreams Really Do Come True
Item No : 128309
Issued : 1995

Happy Hula Days
Item No : 128694
Issued : 1995
"This 4.75 inch porcelain figurine depicts a little girl doing a hula dance, dressed in a grass skirt, with a lei around her neck and flowers in her long dark hair."
Making Spirits Bright
Item No : 150118
Issued : 1995
Retired : 1998
Age 13
Item No : 272647
Issued : 1997
Series : Growing In Grace (Blonde)
"This age thirteen addition to the Growing In Grace figurine series has a little girl kneeling at the Finish Line of a turtle race. There is a little heart on the base of the figurine with the number 13 on it to depict the age of the birthday girl. 4.50 inches tall."

Charity Begins In The Heart
Item No : 307009
Issued : 1998
Retired : 1998
Series : Always Victorian First Issue
Alaska Once More, How Yer's Christmas?
Item No : 455784
Issued : 1998
SuspendedMy Universe Is You
Item No : 487902
Issued : 1999
Retired : 1999

Someday My Love
Item No : 520799
Issued : 1989
Retired : 1992

It's No Yolk When I Say I Love You
Item No : 522104
Issued : 1992
Suspended : 1994
Price : S$65 Sold

Good News Is So Uplifting
Item No : 523615
Issued : 1991
Retired : 1999My Warmest Thoughts Are You
Item No : 524085
Issued : 1992
Retired : 1996

Snow Man Like My Man
Item No : 587877
Issued : 1999
Suspended : 2005Visions Of Sugarplums
Item No : 610036
Issued : 2006
Price : S$95 Sold
"Snuggling with her teddy bear, this imaginative tot has lots to think about! With such delectable treats gracefully dancing overhead, there's no doubt it'll be a night of sweet dreams. This figurine was introduced in 2006."

Some Day My Prince Will Come
Item No : 610056
Issued : 2006
"Is this little girl dreaming of her elusive prince or a friendly frog? Enhance the bedtime stories of your favorite princess with this irresistible figurine. This figurine was introduced in 2006."

May Your Love Be Filled With Love
Item No : 610058
Issued : 2006
"Love is all around if you know where to find it. From birds nesting in the treetops to a butterfly resting on a little girl's bonnet to a bunny enjoying the grass, this serene figurine celebrates the joys of the world that surround us. This figurine was introduced in 2006."

Kind Hearts Send Showers Of Love
Item No : 620007
Issued : 2006
"Showered in the kindness of friends and loved ones, this sweetheart doesn't mind the hearts dangling from her umbrella one bit. She is just comforted to know that love remains all around her, come rain or shine."
A Tender Touch Helps Love Bloom
Item No : 630006
Issued : 2006
Series : Seeds of Love - First Issue
"This is the second in our "Seeds of Love" trio, she illustrates the value of Caring, as she lovingly cares for the flower. Hand painted bisque porcelain."
Sow Love To Grow Love
Item No : 630007
Issued : 2006
Series : Seeds of Love - Second Issue
"Representing the Precious Moments value of Love, this darling girl is the first in our "Seeds Of Love" figurine trio. Hand painted bisque porcelain."
They Call It Puppy Love
Item No : 630012
Issued : 2006
Price : S$70 Sold
"Nothing could be cuter than this little girl basking in the love of playful pups."

Count Each Birthday With A Joyful Smile
Item No : 630018
Issued : 2006
"It's time to blow out the candle and make a wish for a wonderful year of celebration. Bisque porcelain figurine. "

Bless You
Item No : 679879
Issued : 1999
Two Scoops Are Better When Shared With You
Item No : 710032
Issued : 2007
"Friendship blossoms anytime, anywhere. This little girl proves that two scoops are always better when shared with a friend. Porcelain bisque figurine."

Everything Is Beautiful In Its Own Way
Item No : 730149
Issued : 2000
Home-Made Of Love
Item No : 730211
Issued :
Retired : 2005
"This figurine depicts a girl patching the roof of the house that her little mouse lives in. It stands 5.0 inches tall. Retired in 2005. "

You're A Real Barbe-cutie
Item No : 742872
Issued : 2001
Out of Production
Series : Special Wishes (SOLD S$65)

You're A Honey
Item No : 795283
Issued : 2001

I Am A Bee-liever
Item No : 928534
Issued : 2002
Series : Trusting Is Bee-lieving
"This figurine is wearing a yellow and purple dress with bee's on the skirt. She also has a daisy headband with a bee, in her hair! She stands approx. 3.5 inches tall, with a crown marking on the bottom. Suspended in 2005."
I M The One You Love
Item No : 4004372
Issued : 2005

"A play on words for the computer-savvy, this sweet piece sends an instant message without the use of technology! This is a perfect piece for a young collector. This figurine features a girl typing IM ME, on her computer."

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